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About Crazy K Ranch

The Crazy K Ranch is a family owned and operated working Angus ranch. Our owners, Sammy and Sherry Kister, as well as their team on the ranch strive to provide the very best genetics in the beef industry. We work towards this goal using artificial insemination and embryo work. We aren’t only a working cattle ranch, we also provide our region with beautiful event venues that are perfect for any event that you may be planning. We have two indoor venues as well as a barn that offers both indoor and outdoor functions (visit our our Events site here).  The Kiser’s want to share the beauty and peace of the ranch with the world, so they built cozy cabins with views overlooking the ranch. The cabins have all the amenities of home so that you can come relax with us for the full Crazy K experience.

How Crazy K Ranch Came To Be….

It was March 2010 when Sammy and Sherry Kiser decided they’d ride out to Michie, TN to see what kind of deals they could find at the auction that was held at what is now called the Crazy K Ranch. The item on the auction flyer that caught their eye was a four wheeler of all things. However, they never purchased the four wheeler because it sold for more than what they were willing to give. They stuck around to see what other items would go for. If you’ve ever been to an auction, you know that the atmosphere that surrounds these sales is addictive, the call of the auctioneer and the yells of the ring men is enough to get anyone’s adrenaline pumping. When it was time for the property to go up on the auction block, the Kiser’s threw their hat in and before we knew it, they were the proud owners of what is now called the Crazy K Ranch. Pretty crazy, we know!

Our Team